Dogwater • The Mothlight at Mr. Fred’s • February 6, 2017

Dogwater rolled into the The Mothlight Monday night with heavy hitting original songs that are instant classics. “On the 29th > Search for Something” are gold, reminiscing of great alternative & sonic grunge bands from the 90’s. “Writers Block” inspires me to become a rock & roll reviewer. Carter Sanders plays a fuzzed out bass and occasional trumpet. Eli Raymer is a monster on the drums, looking like a combination of Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl (if you can imagine that). We caught mad trails off Eli’s sticks! Jed Holmes, lead singer and guitar, is the shining light, leading the way. Fans of Pavement, Love As Laughter and Nirvana will highly enjoy them. Look out for their upcoming self-titled full-length release “DOGWATER” which rips!”

 Joshua Marc Levy, Asheville Art Family 

On the 29th>
Search for Something
Another Day>
Writer’s Block
I Ride

Photos By Libby Gamble Photography



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