The Paper Crowns Band • Pisgah Brewing Company • April 1, 2017

“The next great ‘triple fire’ electric guitar player, Spiro Nicolopoulos, is by far the best in the Asheville Rock and Americana scene. This is the cat to look out for. Married with equally talented guitar-slingin’, soul-singin’ Nicole Nicolopoulos, and an electric backing band consisting of the areas finest: Steve Kemble on Drums, David Mulder on Keys, JD Smith on bass, with guest spots by Bill GD Evans and Saxy Dave Blair. Saxy Dave makes everything sound better, every local band can benefit by having him as a guest. I love jumping up and down to Steve’s drums and connecting with this band while they are playing. There is a great vibe building a family around this band, people from all kinds of backgrounds and talents, all smiling, all having a really good time, all different ages. The first set was blistering on fire, a timeless jam that went over 2 hours. Soooo good. The 2nd set, with an equal amount of songs, ran about 45 minutes. There is no better venue in the area, Pisgah Brewing Company is worth the drive to Black Mountain. It features inside and outside spaces, food trucks, a fire pit, picnic benches, a tasting room and plenty of space. Additionally, the staff is friendly, great sound, mostly organic tasty beers, local root beer and super easy access to pour your own waters from a tap. Pisgah gets an A+. Check out the Paper Crowns Band next time they play, you will not be disappointed.”
– Joshua Marc Levy, Asheville Art Family

Photos by Libby Gamble Photography

Event Poster By Joshua Marc Levy, Asheville Art Family

Set 1
1. Give and Take* w/ Dave Blair
2. Time On a Roll* w/ Dave Blair
3. River Song* w/ Dave Blair
4. Building on a Stone* w/ Dave Blair
5. Birdsong w/ Bill Evans
6. Little Bit More* w/ Dave Blair
7. Biscuit Roller Blues* w/ Dave Blair 8. Cats Under the Stars w/ Dave Blair
9. Virginia Caine*
10. Jump in the Line w/ Dave Blair

Set 2
11. Realize Yourself*
12. Ain’t Going Back* w/ Dave Blair
13. The Creeper* w/ Dave Blair
14. Mockingbird*
15. Eyes of the World w/ Dave Blair & Bill Evans
16. Willin’ w/ Dave Blair & Bill Evans (Bill sings)
17. Can’t Hang Out with you no More* w/ Dave Blair & Bill Evans
Original song =*

Paper Crowns Levy 25x19 REDUX color

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