George Porter Jr. & Runnin’ Pardners • The Salvage Station • March 18, 2017

Foundation father of funk and Original Meter, George Porter Jr., blew us away at this year’s Christmas Jam downtown at the arena. Just 3 months later we are blessed with another more intimate appearance, this time at AVL’s The Salvage Station. George and his Runnin’ Pardners guided us through an emotionally charged and often timeless set of songs. Subjects of love, uncertainty and the future are sung with real heart in a raspy and mature voice. “Where are we going? Let me take you to a place of peace and love.” “I need more Time for ME to come through!” Their funky blend of New Orleans style funk is highlighted with trippy keys, unconventional jazzy drum solos, and an over-all harmonic vibe. Across the room the audience had contagious smiles. Long-time fan Heidi proclaimed “This is fucking awesome!” …and it Was. They played my personal favorite song, “He Bite Me (The Dragon)” which is funky and fierce, and had this fire dragon reporter letting loose on the dance floor. George and band ended this perfect set with a tasty cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Sugaree” which had our photographer dancing. Let’s just say everyone at Salvage was moving at some point, because you can’t escape this groove. It’s just that good.

– Joshua Marc Levy, Asheville Art Family

Photos by Libby Gamble Photography